Infant Care

Age Requirement: 6 Weeks-13 months

Hours: 6:30 am – 6 pm, Monday –Friday

Our infant program focuses on your child as an individual who is beginning life learning and growing at their own pace. The teachers and assistants provide a stimulating environment where your child can build their confidence as they begin to learn their own routines and patterns. While interacting with others they will continue to develop new cognitive and sensory skills.


All food (juice, formula, cereal, jars of food and snacks) for your infant is the responsibility of the parents and should be brought in daily and labeled with your child’s name. A crock pot is utilized to warm bottles and food can be stored in the refrigerator. All unused food should be taken home at the end of the day.


Parents are to supply all wipes, disposable diapers, ointments and creams. Parents are to fill out an authorization form in order for any diaper cream to be applied. Diapers are changed/checked every two hours and as needed. All items are to be labeled with your child’s name. As your child runs out of these items notice shall be sent home on their daily report to replenish.

Health and Safety

All infants, upon admission, must have a completed, signed health appraisal on file and be up to date on all immunizations. Updated and signed immunization records should be furnished throughout the year to remain in compliance with this requirement.

All parents and staff are to wear shoe scrubs on their feet upon entering into the infant room due to potentially carrying in harmful dirt and germs when they enter. All toys and cribs are disinfected on a daily basis. Your child is provided by the center with a crib. Parents are to bring in a crib sheet and blanket for their child to sleep on every Monday. On Fridays these linens will be placed with your child’s belongings in order for them to be laundered.

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